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Senior Member Guide

1. Apply for CAP Membership

  • Attend 3 meetings and see Admin Officer for application packet.

  • Upon membership approval, pay annual $40 unit dues.

    • Unit dues are in addition to annual CAP National dues.

    • Unit dues are prorated for new members and due 1OCT thereafter.

  • Senior Member Welcome Booklet contains expanded information on steps 2 and 3 below.

  • Respect On Display pamphlet

2. Obtain CAP Uniforms

  • Senior Member minimum uniform for 508 meetings:

    • Blue "CAP Corporate Polo" Shirt

    • Gray Slacks

    • Black Belt

    • Black Shoes and Black Socks

  • Contact Logistics Officer for available uniform items and to purchase 508 Unit T-Shirt (optional) - $15.

  • Vanguard.com is a great source for CAP uniform items.

3. Register on "eServices" Website

  • Once you receive a CAPID number, go to eServices to create an account.

  • Click on the link below "First Time Users?" to request Password.

    • System will email an initial password to log-in.

    • Change it once logged-in.

    • Password must be changed every 90 days.

  • Read and verify "OPSEC Awareness" initial pop-up page.

  • Click on on "your name" in the upper-right corner of eServices and enter your information:

    • "General Info"

      • Click "Photo" link under "General Info" to upload photo for CAPID card.

      • Contact Commander or Deputies to validate photo.

    • Also enter info for "Addresses", "Contacts", and "Characteristics".

4. Complete Level I Training

  • When Level I online course is completed, contact Commander, DCS, or PDO to review CPPT requirement.

Note: By completing Level I, you earn the Membership Ribbon and a requirement for promotion to 2ndLt.

5. Obtain GES Rating

  • General Emergency Services (GES) rating is the prerequisite for all Operational Qualifications Training (i.e.: Ground/UDF Team Member, Mission Scanner/Observer/Pilot/Radio Operator, etc.).

  • Go to Learning Management System (LMS) and scroll down to "Emergency Services" section:

    • Take CAPT 116-General ES course.

    • Take CAPT 117 parts 1, 2, & 3.

    • Take Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) course "Communications".

    • Aircrew and aircraft handlers must take Aircraft Ground Handling Training course "Operations" every two years.

6. Earn ES Ratings

7. Print "101 Card"

  • Login to eServices (Operations Qualifications>Emergency Services>101 Card) to print current CAPF-101 card.

  • Carry your current 101 card, permits/licenses, and CAPID card at all times!

  • For CAP driver's license, go to eServices (Operations Qualifications>Driver's License) to upload DMV Record (3 year history) and valid AZ driver's license.

8. Maintain Safety Currency

  • Attend Safety Officer's monthly presentation (2nd Wed. of each month).

  • If missed, complete an online course in LMS under "Monthly Safety Education".

9. Earn Specialty Track - Tech Rating

  • Specialty Track and related Duty Officer descriptions are in Specialty Track Pamphlets P200-P227.

    • Ideally, you will be mentored for 6 months by a member familiar with the specialty.

    • To apply for Duty Officer assignment, complete DO form and forward PDO or Commander.

Note: By achieving a Technician Rating, you earn the Leadership Ribbon and Technician Rating Specialty Badge which are required for Level II completion. Completing Senior and Master Ratings are required for Level III and IV and denoted by bronze and silver stars respectively on Leadership Ribbon.

10. Complete Level II

  • When Level II is completed, you will earn the Benjamin O. Davis Certificate and a requirement for promotion to 1stLt.


  • You are ready to tackle Level III.

  • Please assist your PDO with mentoring new members through Level II.


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